*Always Include* Scroll down to view stones

[sc name="scrolldowntoviewstones"]

*only for malas* mala description

[sc name="maladescription"]

*only for collections* This product belongs to the ______ Collection

[sc name="calmingtitle"]

[sc name="chakratitle"]

[sc name="fertilitytitle"]

[sc name="groundingtitle"]

[sc name="intuitionlink"]

[sc name="lovelink"]

[sc name="protectiontitle"]

*only for collections* This is the collection card picture

[sc name="calmingcard"]

[sc name="chakracard"]

[sc name="fertilitycard"]

[sc name="groundingcard"]

[sc name="intuitioncard"]

[sc name="lovecard"]

[sc name="protectioncard"]

*Always Include* "crystals in this product"

[sc name="crystalsinthisproduct"]

*Always Include* List of Stones that link to Meaning Cards
(if you type it in yourself make sure they are capitalized appropriately)

[sc name="AfricanTurquoise"]

[sc name="Amazonite"]

[sc name="Amber"]

[sc name="Amethyst"]

[sc name="Ametrine"]

[sc name="Angelite"]

[sc name="Aquamarine"]

[sc name="BlackOnyx"]

[sc name="BlueLaceAgate"]

[sc name="Carnelian"]

[sc name="Charoite"]

[sc name="Chrysocolla"]

[sc name="Chrysoprase"]

[sc name="Citrine"]

[sc name="ClearQuartz"]

[sc name="Dumortierite"]

[sc name="Fluorite"]

[sc name="Garnet"]

[sc name="GreenAventurine"]

[sc name="Hematite"]

[sc name="HoneyStone"]

[sc name="Howlite"]

[sc name="Jade"]

[sc name="Kunzite"]

[sc name="Kyanite"]

[sc name="Labradorite"]

[sc name="LapisLazuli"]

[sc name="Larimar"]

[sc name="LavaStone"]

[sc name="Lepidolite"]

[sc name="Magnesite"]

[sc name="Malachite"]

[sc name="Moonstone"]

[sc name="Peridot"]

[sc name="PinkOpal"]

[sc name="PinkTourmaline"]

[sc name="Prehnite"]

[sc name="PurpleJasper"]

[sc name="Pyrite"]

[sc name="RedJasper"]

[sc name="Rhodochrosite"]

[sc name="Rhodonite"]

[sc name="RoseQuartz"]

[sc name="Ruby"]

[sc name="RutilatedQuartz"]

[sc name="SmokyQuartz"]

[sc name="SnowflakeObsidian"]

[sc name="Sodalite"]

[sc name="StrawberryQuartz"]

[sc name="Sunstone"]

[sc name="TigersEye"]

[sc name="Zoisite"]

*Always Include* This just ads a gap

[sc name="space"]

*only for stretchy* $+2 for stretchy

[sc name="plus2chargestretchy"]

*Always Include* Size Chart Link

[sc name="sizechart"]

*Always Include* Returns and Shipping Link

[sc name="returnsandshipping"]